Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador

Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador
$24.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador
COLOR: Natural, White
SIZE: Small, Medium, Large, XL


Wow! Kinda Clutch

Wow! Kinda Clutch

What’s the wearing window on these?

Who looks at a Chefs Jacket and thinks, “You know, this could be a little more sonic?”

Not fair invoking The Doctor, woot. Not fair at all.

Anyone know where we can get some sizing info on these? I am pretty sure I am a large, but I would like to check for sure.

hmm… I wish there was a sizing chart somewhere…
oh well, I guess I’ll just take a chance…

Doralice here…we made these coats so that they could take a beating from your washer, from your chef, from you as you take on Julia Child’s cookbooks…whatever comes your way!

You can wear these for a long time!

Dangit–I was hoping for an authentic chef’s jacket from Qatar–oh well, maybe the next woot off.

they said this was a standard
sizing chart for chefs coats…
hope this helps…


They are quite roomy for good reason. They do not shrink.

I normally wear a Medium coat and I have enough room to wear a t shirt under the coat.

I am 175 lbs and 5’7. If that helps.

+1 on sizing info request.

Looking at the photo, the neutral is Women’s cut & white is Men’s?

Which color will repel red wine stains best? (Cooking & drinking are popular hobbies here - frequently done at the same time…)

why!? Granted I’ve spilled my wine in the past, but…

Is the design of the 2 different colors the same? The design looks different in the photo?

Chest measurements might help too.

Am I the only one that prefers to cook in a short sleeve shirt? Long sleeves are bothersome to me and get in the way.