Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador

If it does not have knot buttons it’s not a good Chefs Jacket. IMHO.

I sorry I thought I was on WINE.WOOT not shirt.woot Where’s the wine?

sea salt caramels:))))))

I bought this coat in a small- I’m a petite girl- small’s usually work. The coat they sent me says “S”… fits my husband perfectly. He wears a L t-shirt :confused:

So tempted to buy this.

  1. It is a “unisex small”, meaning a men’s small
  2. It is meant to wear OVER regular street clothing while giving a completely unrestrained field of movement - meaning it is SUPPOSED to be worn loose
  3. In the chef world, small RARELY means a REALLY small person…

If you are looking for a tailored style chef’s jacket, you probably need one made for you by a tailor. Otherwise, these jackets are very nice.

If there was a sizing chart or something, I would be all over this. Just hesitant without it.

Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador
$24.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador
COLOR: Natural, White
SIZE: Small, Medium, Large, XL


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Is this the first non-wine wine.woot item you’ve seen in the 7 years you’ve been a woot member? Expect olives, caramels, jerky, barrel stave crafts, truffle butter, cheese, cheese making kits, vinturi’s, spices, and, yes, even wine during a woot-off. Enjoy your visit!

Click on the link to the previous offer. doralice mentions a few things about sizing.

If these chef jackets are really from Ecuador, I’m big time in on this. Nobody knows chef jackets like Ecuadorans. The food’s not actually very good at all, but the people making it are unmatched in appearance and comfort.

If Don Johnson was a chef, he’d be Ecuadoran.

How do we know these are made by real Ecuadorans? I don’t want any non-Ecuadoran garbage. Not in my kitchen.

“I ordered one of these for my wife in small (in natural, since they were then, and still are, out of small white), and it is very nice. Size-wise, it is more of a medium, but we haven’t washed it yet, so I can’t tell you about any shrinkage. One question asked last time was about which side the jacket buttons up, and the definative answer is: BOTH! It has the buttons and holes to be buttoned either way, making it truely unisex. All in all, a very nice product!”

From my post the last time these were up…