Authentic 100% Cotton Chefs Jacket from Ecuador

oo la la, from Ecuador, lol. is that supposed to be significant

Maybe it’s a testament to the shirt’s “freshness” Ecuador is known ONLY for being on the Equator. lol

I wonder if this would be durable enough to stand up to handling small livestock at shows. It looks like a great show coat. :slight_smile:

“Maybe it’s a testament to the shirt’s “freshness” Ecuador is known ONLY for being on the Equator. lol”

They’re also known for not being China.

Maybe you haven’t heard of this really cool place called the Gallapagos? And, Ecuador, itself is an absolutely beautiful country. Maybe you need to expand your horizons and knowledge before spouting crap.

Info from a couple of past sales:

October 11:

September 13, going directly to some useful sizing info:

Every time these come up I’m tempted. Perhaps with a baby on the way, stain-resistant coats are a worthy investment. You know, for all the times we cook with Baby.

GRRRR. I should be a Medium, but because Nature was bountiful in my chest area, measurements say I should get a large. What to do? Seriously guys, what should I do :stuck_out_tongue:

That was sarcasm. I didn’t mean any insult. Thanks for your aggression though. I’ve traveled enough to fill 3 passports.

Oooo from Ecuador… I’ll give you 15 pesos for one.

Pulled the trigger and got the large. Last time these came up, I waited too late. We will see.

I’ve spent enough time in Ecuador to fear chefs as they all serve cuy there. Tasty until you get home and have to explained to Suzy and Jimmy that the Habitrail is just a staging pot.

Good choice since you’ll be wearing it over your regular clothes. You will be wearing it over your regular clothes, won’t you?

I don’t know ;D I was getting tired of the burns. An apron just doesn’t cover enough.

Seriously though, my clothes at home consist of just cotton shirts (whether it be t-shirts or women’s shirts). Can’t stand sweaters so no extra bulk.


First off the Galapagos (which you spelled wrong) is 530 miles away from the mainland. Second if you stepped away from your tourist trap you would know the real country. I’ve lived there. It isn’t great at all.

I too have more than 3 passports filled and over 45 countries worth of travel including every continent. Living with the people not waving at them.

So apologize

…and I have a thing for girls in sweaters, so our relationship has ended before it even began. Looks like my girlfriend will not be voted off the show this week!

Hear, hear!

Now you to can look like a tool at a dinner party

Would’ve been great for Halloween with one of those Chef Boyardee hats!

These things have been on here forever…they must have had a lot to sell…like 3 or something.