Authentic PowerBalance Wristbands 2-pack



really? again, when will they stop selling these things.


Right about now the Woot-gods are cursing their Amazon Overlords for foisting these things on them…




Come on, are you trying to piss off your user base? Every time these come on Woot people get all up in arms about them. They are crap. Proven snake oil. Why sell these?




“Numerous independent studies of the device found it to be worthless in enhancing athletic performance, and the manufacturer was forced to retract its claims in 2010.”

Come on, Woot, this actually has a negative value.


Really? This things are a hoax - they do absolutely nothing for you. How the heck does a hologram help with balance? Confounds me that people believe such drivel. Even Australia forced the company to give refunds to anyone who purchased them. Why would woot sell these?


That is all


TL;DR - but see the “See Also: Quackery”. :slight_smile:


they retracted the claims because they wanted to keep its awesome power a secret. I wear one on each appendage and it made my junk so big I had to buy one for it too.


Oh well, that just brought this woot off to a screeching halt.


Mark Cuban has some excellent opinions on these.


These might soon be the first items that Woot gives out for free. Its coming, wait for it…


nothing authentic about this braclet. Yeah i will quit wasting time at work watching this woot off.

add me to the list of woot haters… although ill still prob buy stuff in a week.


But…but it’s 90% off!


Woo hoo!! I can bedazzle these with my magic crystals!!


Wow - 2% gone! SOMEBODY’S preparing for April Fools gifts!


I suspect Woot staff put these things up so they could stop having to update sportWoot for the rest of the day.


C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!