Auto 2-in-1 Vacuum with Air Compressor

Lets see, an imported from CH-ina product with American in the name. Yep,that isn’t going to fly. If it said China, I could understand. Like buying a pocket knife with the American flag on it made in China. Nope. !@@@()#&

The following is not against the rules of free speech as established by the original comment, which did not discuss the merits of the product but rather discussed the ethical issues of marketing imported products.

I completely agree with the sentiment expressed in your comment. I commend you for making a public statement encouraging customers to buy truly American products, rather than those mislabeled as such.

Unfortunately, we are at the end of a decades long journey which has seen the elimination of the United States as a consumer goods manufacturer, and the emergence of China as the worldwide preferred source of such manufacturing. There are still products made in the USA that command a world market, such as airliners and computer processors. But the primary dominance that the USA retains is in technology, research, and advanced engineering, along with the computer support for these commodities. Much of this dominance remains the heritage of the space race and the cold war, two global events that peaked in the 1950’s through the 1980’s. These technology incentives have faded away in the past 20 to 30 years. And so, lacking such incentives, these formerly US dominated technology industries are also emerging in places like Eastern Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East.
Again, my compliments to you. Sadly, there is a harsh reality that one can’t ignore. The evolution of global industry to our disadvantage, satisfying the short term goals of US corporations seeking to maximize profits and market share, will take decades and extreme government intervention to reverse. Since large corporations (like Amazon, the largest retailer in the world) exert great control over our government, these extreme interventions are very unlikely to ever be implemented.