Auto Accessories Action Attic

*an avalache

You caught us- fixed!

Yellow vs. orange… is there any actual difference?

Yes, about 20 nanometers.

Reviews of the folding receiver bar say it’s a little too small and fits loosely in the hitch.

The LED road flares are awful. The product I received was not the product pictured.

The instructions are either inaccurate, or the charging function doesn’t work. Instructions indicate one LED in the case, per flare, will flash when charging, and go solid once charged. Plug in the case minus a flare, and it’s LED comes on solid, anyway. when there’s nothing in that bay to charge.

One actually works.
Two, the power switch doesn’t work.
Three, the switch works (or, at least it clicks, which the working one also does) but they don’t come on.

1 of 6 works, 5 are bad.

This is the 2nd product in as many months where what I received is not what was advertised.