Auto Jack & Rolling Seat

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Here are specs from Home Depot since I couldn’t find them here.


Assembled Depth 16.25 in

Assembled Height 17.25 in

Assembled Width 14 in

Cushioned Yes

Warranty 90 Day

Number of casters 4

Product Depth 16.25

Product Height 17.25

Product Weight 16.5 lb

Product Width (in.) 14

Weight Capacity (lb.) 300

That picture is weird. He is trying to put the jack stand under the car or take it out… without the jack under the car.

I have a rolling seat like this one, and you won’t believe how many things you will find to use it for. Very handy!

The amount of weight this floor jack can lift should be the VERY first thing mentioned in the specs…

If you’re buying a floor jack, your first thought should be, “Hmm… How much can this lift? Will it work for the vehicles I have?”

Also, in 2 of those pictures that little girl looks like she’s about to bean him with that wrench…

Also, again, rated at 2 tons I wouldn’t suggest the jack and stands for use on anything bigger than a medium sized sedan, maybe a compact SUV too.

HD has the same looking set on sale for $25.00 not a very good woot!

I was almost hooked, but Amazon reviews for the jack alone are terrible. Fails after a couple uses in most cases.

You are only lifting approximately 1/4 of the vehicle at a time, so you could use this on a 8 ton vehicle - a 4wd Suburban is under 3 tons curb weight.

I am all for teaching kids to work on stuff, but jacked up cars on stands is dangerous. I know, you say “my dad and I…”, but IF something goes bad the outcome is really severe. Source: me, an officer in an urban FD