Auto Jacks (Or Auto Jills)

Why is the 12-ton jack less than the 8-ton jack?

The 8 ton jack is available at Home Depot for $27.10, with free shipping if you pick it up at a local store. Also, still a cheaper than the woot deal if you pay for shipping to your house.

Be careful with Home Depot though… I saw a price online for a hot water heater, then added it to my cart and it was more at the store. Not sure that will be the case with this one, but it depends on the store you pick up at. They wouldn’t budge when I told then that it was ridiculous to advertise free pick up then jack up the price.

P.S. Woot sucks.

I see what you did there…

AMEN to that…

Thanks for pointing that out- we lowered our price to remain competitive.

That does not help anyone with how much we suck though, I am sorry.