Can I get even an approximate size on the deluxe 42 drawer storage box?

Looks like: •Dimensions: 17 H x 140.75 W x 50.25 D inches

Found here:

We just got this sizing info from our vendor: 17.25” H x 15” W x 6.5” D

FYI the unfolded size of the Pro Lift C-5006 is 47.6 x 16.5 x 1.2 inches. So smallest size is approximately 8 inches by 16.5 by just over 7 inches high.

I hope you haven’t purchased it, it’s a piece of crap. I received it in a previous woot and it was cracked in a few places and the overall feeling is flimsy piece of junk. Maybe a list price of $9 and sale price of $2.79… no way this is $90 anywhere.

Copper-clad aluminum jumper cables? Motor Trend?

You’re joking, aren’t you? Seriously? Copper clad aluminum?

Amazon, could we POSSIBLY get any cheaper? These things SCREAM liability lawsuit! Unfortunately, they will just melt through, and not hurt anyone, except their wallet.


Hmmm - 8 Guage Aluminum wire, 12 feet. 500 Amps. That’s amazing, as 12 feet (round trip) drops 3 volts per 100 Amps. If you short out the battery clips, the current will be 400 Amps at 12 volts.

Actually, aluminum is a very good conductor. Is it as good as copper? No, but it’s NEARLY as good (same order of magnitude of conductivity), AND it’s cheaper, AND it’s less dense, so lighter weight. Furthermore, due to the skin effect, most of the current travelling through those jumper cables will be moving through that copper cladding. Most high voltage transmission lines are uncladded aluminum wrapped around a steel core - no copper there.

Just remember that they’re 8AWG wires - so don’t try to continuously run a high-powered winch or other seriously heavy-duty electric motors with them and you’ll be fine. Jumping a flat battery isn’t something I’d be worried about with these.

Pro Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Chair is $21 at Walmart

anyone have any experience with these tire inflaters? mine just shook until it cut through the hose… would prefer something that doesn’t do that

[UPDATE: The price on the Pro Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Chair Black/Red has been changed to $23.99.]

If you purchased one of the pneumatic chairs, you should receive an email shortly. If not, please email into and let them know.

If you got jumper cables, check your order when you get it. I ordered 3x 6 ga and 1x 8 ga, and received 4x 8 ga. Since the max for either was 3, that shouldn’t even be possible.

Wrote to Woot, who promptly responded by telling me to “allow another day or two…to allow your order to arrive.” Huh? Unless they expect me to get 7 cables instead of the 4 I ordered, that’s pretty clueless.

Woot has been going downhill since Amazon bought them.

You use jumper cables for high frequency AC applications? Because, there is NO skin effect for DC.

Well, better than me, I ordered 3 of the 8ga and have yet to receive them.

I received a similar note when I asked…allow a day or two. Wrote again after waiting a day or two, and got some other thing about orders shipping from different places. That’s fine and all, but when the order was almost 2 WEEKS ago, I would expect they would have shipped.


I’m sorry, I’m checking back in with them. Also, @mikes123, did you write back in after that exchange?

At least you’ve received a response back. I emailed them last week about it and haven’t heard anything. Just sent another email.