Autographed Football Memorabilia

I’m not a sports expert, but I am like 85% positive that the Giants multi-signed helmet is a football.

You may be on to something there. Seems I read something about them wearing leather helmets “back in the day” but that item sure has some football like qualities to it.

Does the signed Ray Lewis jersey include his getting away with murder stats?

You are correct! We checked back in with our vendor and it looks like they just swapped images on us- it is now firmly a helmet.

I hope so!

I’ve been known to watch a bit too much of various sporting activities, and I’m certain that the Multi-Signed Bills helmet is a Jets? jersey with a Newman nameplate and an Eli Manning signature. I have no idea how so many gaffes are in one item listing/picture.

I believe Isidore Newman School is Eli Manning’s High School. So it appears only the woot written part is the gaffe.

The sad part is this is supposed to be a “deals” web site. This stuff if regular retail priced.