Autographed Jerseys For Days

I love the Sandy Koufax “Brooklyn” jersey with “Los Angeles” emblazoned across the front

Does anyone know who authenticates these jerseys, or specifically the Derek Jeter jersey? Thanks

The full title if you click on the offer says MLB Auth.

Actually for Jeter it’s Steiner Sport memorabilia. They are MLB’s official partner, for other items you have to check because they are all different. Including one that says online auth, which means???

Confirmed. Steiner Sports is the authenticator of these jerseys.

rangers suck, get some Islanders!

I rarely post but I am livid. As you can see, I (casagreaves) am the “first sucker” to buy one of these and now I’m being told they are sold out and I won’t be getting one. It was supposed to be a very special gift for my husband.

Thanks for nothing, Woot.

I’m in the same boat, I was the first person to purchase the Shaq jersey. I could tell several other people were going to be fuming as well, because a lot of the jerseys suspiciously “sold out” at the same time. It pisses me off that Woot would put up all of those items without even having any in stock. I severely question their ethical standards now.