Autographed MLB Memorabilia

Johnny Damon White Red Sox Jersey: With all due respect to Mr. Damon - he moved on to the YANKEES. Why would any Red Sox fan want this? THE YANKEES! Just put it in a Bag of Carrots.

After some research your prices for some of these items are very reasonable if you are a fan. Especially, for Hank A. who I greatly respect and thought about buying. Come back next time with some true Red Sox items and I will be a buyer.

I don’t get the pricing. You got top elite Hall of Famers (not just in HOF but some of the best to ever play) like Aaron, Ryan, Ripken, Henderson fetching lower prices than guys who couldn’t hold their jockstrap. Can someone explain it to me?

Agreed! I was wondering the same thing myself.

For the baseballs, is the plastic box display case included?

Hi there! Cases are not included but we just added cases to the sale to help you out.

Buy ALL the baseballs!

I hope no one tells Hank Aaron that his signed baseball is next to one signed by Dellin Betances.

does the vladimir guerrero signed bat say montreal expos on all of them? if so i def want it! thats a steal!