Autolite Space Glo Utility Light

This should go quick.

Looks like i might be able to go to bed…

I really want a phone.

I think they took the comment of “they should have done a Woot-off on pay-day” to heart. lol

I don’t know, the lights the other day lasted over an hour.

will this work with my Zune?

The cheap stuff goes fasttt on here. I’ll stay awake for the next item!

I bought 3 @ 2.99 each and STILL have no use for the 1 I purchased so they’re hanging around until my garage sale and/or Christmas 2010.

Will this work with a Mac?

in fer 3. these look super handy.

Is the DC converter included? If so I’ll buy…3

It’s amazing they lasted that long… they must have had a truckload of them because these are AWESOME lights. A buck ninety nine is a giveaway!

I kinda agree. I love a good cheap lightweight light, but I feel that these are more useless than useful.

Shipping is too expensive. It should NEVER be be more than the cost of the item.


It really isn’t funny anymore.

What kind of light is this? LED?