Autolite Space Glo Utility Light

wow there was only 300 watches…this woot is moving slow. Perhaps people went to bed thinking that there wouldn’t be another wootoff

Trying to sell it a little hard, eh?

Perfect… Music? Check (Dance Hall Days playing right now…) Woot Off? Check. Can’t Sleep? Check. Designing shirt that won’t win for the derby? Check. A good night ahead.

I sure hope so. I instant clicked the buy button for 3 of these because i have so many uses for them. I just presumed that since they had the “batteries not included” disclaimer, but not one for the adapter, that it was included.

Then I noticed there was no additional pics showing what all came with…

Yes, click on the picture and it shows what is in the box.

This one is going to be up a while…

It kinda is, maybe next they’ll have an anal stick removal tool. You should buy 3. wink

it looks like it does. click on the picture and it shows the light with the converter and a storage bag

WTF - in for 3 - why isn’t everybody? Get these gone and on to the next!

$6 on amazon HERE.

Plus, Random comments from a previous appearance in a woot off.

Wooting with dial-up is a special type of hell. Sometimes you get to watch stuff like this for a half-hour, but then when that neat digital frame comes by they sell by faster than you can order.

yes… click the picture

How bright are these? Would they work well in a closet?

The amazon page shows an adapter. no reviews

How bright are these? Would they work well in a closet?

You realize shipping is always 5 bucks, whether you buy 1 or 3,and no matter what the item is. Little light 5 dollar shipping. 32" computer monitor 5 dollar shipping…
It’s one of those things that woot does.
If you buy 3 then the shipping is less than the item(s) you purchased. does that make you feel better about it?

Can you guys tell me what you would use this light for?

Well… that’ll teach me to read the product description before pulling the trigger on the gold button. I thought these were LED… they’re not. They are Flourescent. BAH!

These are really nice. I gave one to my husband and my Brother in Law. Very bright.

Is this for real??

Bring back the ugly orange watches…