Autolite Space Glo Utility Light

Interesting…plus cheap. Good Woot.

N 4 3

I can see the light…

The light…does that mean the you-know-what of you-know-what is coming up soon!!! Man I hope so, gotta get to work soon haha.

holy utility light batman, it’s not a box of crayons!

This is a dim unit. Better than nothing (and cheap too!) but it does not put out a lot of light.

Sometimes that standard shipping puts it right out of reach…

Did my part, got 3

bliiiiiiinded buy the light

Is this light any good?

Maybe this will help illuminate a woot that I actually want.

Bought three of these during the last woot off. Super bright, and the cable is long enough to reach inside my car when I use the light in the engine area. Can’t beat it. Buy 3, put one in each car you have, give as a gift, etc. I’m glad I bought it. If only I had a use for 3 more :-p

In 4 1

im in for one. its a great price, my stepdad has a couple of these things lying around that he gets a lot of use out of

These were featured in the Happy Hour from last week. Mine’s in the mail. Will review properly upon receipt. :slight_smile:

Bought two last time.

Dimmest. Light. Ever.

And that’s including regular candles.

Thats why you get three. (:

OK - these are great! Bought three when I had the chance before, and stashed them in each of the family vehicles, hoping of course to never need them. You guessed it - had a flat and this thing worked great right when we needed it. Highly recommended especially at this price.

do u need to buy and use 3 at the same time to actually see anything?

looks pretty weak sauce.