Autolite Triglo LED Safety Triangle

/ wrists

im in for 10

Is this Nite-Brite compatible?

Deleted post because woot is being stupid. No I don’t like an avatar being forced on me, nor do I want to give woot my facebook/myspace/twitter/gmail/etc. account passwords. is not working for me anyone else have this problem?

Like my Dad always said…“Safety First”

more cheap crap from Woot. Pass…

doubles as a Christmas Tree angel or ornament!

bought these at a discount store for the same price…they do work tho"!

We bought these for everyone at Christmas. Not used very often but great when needed.

To properly protect your vehicle you will need THREE of these. Also, it’s silly not to use the $5 shipping fee wisely.

I did last night then it worked fine for me when I woke up. Try closing your browser and reopening.


took 3 for the team. At this price they’ll make excellent gifts. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner.

In for three (sides).

I always wanted to play the triangle in kindergarten, but Mrs. Billings always gave it snotty Susie Schmidt because she was the teacher’s pet, and I got stuck with the two blocks of wood. You had to bring her coke to get the tambourine.

Just found out about this woot off. One of my coworkers has been watching it since he got in this morning and didn’t bother to announce it. He’s lost some kind of points.

im goin with yes on this

Ugh… I have three already, just that I bought them for 4.99… grrrr