Autolite Triglo LED Safety Triangle

love triangle

but i wanna get hit by a car…

much better and more useful than the R/C car

Mother’s Day anyone?! Hrmmmm?

More triangle!

These would make great party lights, I bet

makes me think of something you would see at a rave

in for 3, i love zelda.

Sign me up for three

why have the lights of wootness stopped?

you gotta be kidding me!

Requires (4) AA Alkaline batteries (not included)

Life through geometry.

The flux capacitor on a TRIFORCE? Oh man…

I’ll take three - then I’ll have nine sides!

Not sure worth the price

the red lights don’t look very bright… hmm. maybe you need to get more than just one?

Tiger Tiger Tiger are you out there? pick up three

Can also be used to scrape ice from windshields!