Automatic Hydroponic Utility Pump

Automatic Hydroponic Utility Pump

This pump moves 1,200 gallons per minute of water? Pretty impressive for a 1/3 hp pump.

Yes, saw that the Everbilt 1/3 moves 1920 gal/hr at a 0’ lift. So it’s not surprising.

Is this something a person would be ok to give on a baby shower? Ahhh… asking for a friend.

I’m gonna say “No.”

How about a box of Pampers and this unit? Then it makes sense… if the pampers don’t get it, the pump will.

Fair enough. This individual heard mothers of newborns gotta have space for pumps and what not. I assumed it was for liquid cooling cpus or plants, and diapers seem so blaise.

Yeah, only if they need to move a lot of water. Otherwise you’re throwing money away for a gift that will likely be donated to the Salvation Army

So this isn’t good for goats milk or what ever baby’s drink?