Automatons That Clean

at first it was a treat watching the Neato clean up. It did pick up a lot of dirt, even though it vacuumed three times a week. after a while the cuteness of it getting lost under the dining room table was getting old. a few days ago it asked me to remove the hallway wall that was in it’s way.
Give me back my Bissell upright.

Give me a Neato vacuum, that also mops and can climb stairs - and we’ll have a true winner.

As far as operating goes, I think the Neato beats Roomba hands-down. Pet hair doesn’t clog, and the thing runs without the constant maintenance of the Roomba.

But I am quite upset none of these vacuums offer a way to trigger a cleaning remotely - specifically via a home automation system. NOT via IP, z-wave, IR, nothing. (A few Roombas offer IR.)

We got one of these last time they came around and absolutely love it. We have 3 dogs, so the dust accumulates very quickly. When we run the Neato at night it really helps keep the dog hair and dust at bay. Sure, this will not replace your upright vacuum for a deep clean, but you won’t have to do it as often. Not to mention the Neato is a really good listener after the end of a long day.

Im really looking for one of these things that specifically clean hard wood floor… I dont think these are it tho. Any one have any suggestions?

Are you talking vacuuming or mopping? If the former, pretty much all of these will do it well. I have the roomba 530 from a previous sale. It does a good cleanup job, although it does seem to roam randomly around my house. The docking station makes running it very easy: turn it on, empty the bin when it finishes (and returns to its dock to recharge), turn it on again.

My wife and I try to run ours a couple times a week. We have hardwood floors with 2 cats and a dog. This thing handles it very well. Every couple of months you will have to clean the brushes. This will take about 5 minutes and is pretty easy. I have never owned a vaccum that you did not have to clean the brushes like this.

I can’t comment on the SCOOBA or any other mopping bots. I recall there were some mixed reviews in the past on a previous sale.

To everyone else: If you can count how many times you vacuum a year on one hand, do your house guests (and yourself) a favor and get one of these. You will still need to keep your regular vacuum for deep cleans, but will no longer feel the shame of your filthy ways.

Awesome, thanks for the reply. I guess I was mostly wondering if you could use these in replace of something like a swifter mop that really picks up dirt so your feet dont get black. But I’m thinking I’d have to look into the robot mops for that…

(Im a new hardwood floor owner so I dont know anything about these things.)

I’ve owned multiple Roombas (lost my Woot cherry to one) and moved on to Neato last year.

Roomba Maintenance

1) As needed
a) Empty/clean bin & filter

2) Monthly
a) Cleaning of unit
i) Taking apart unit and removing brushes and rollers
ii) Combing out tangled string and hair
iii) Wiping out the dust bin and wheel wells
iv) Spraying compressed air into it’s eyes when it could’nt see.

3) Every 4 months
a) Buy replacement side brushes
b) Replace filter

4) Every 6 months
a) Repaint baseboard moulding

5) Every 9 months
a) Replace batteries
b) Basically pound the snot out of the unit to reset stuck sensors to repair the dreaded “Circle Dance”

6) Every 18 months
a) Buy another Roomba

Neato Maintenance* (based on one year of usage)*

1) As needed
a) Empty/clean bin & filter

2) Every 6 months
a) Replace filter

And that’s not even begining to address the superior cleaning of the Neato. And all those comments about Neato not getting close to the baseboards? It gets close enough to vacuum but does not drag along, scraping them up like the Roomba.

are the roomba vacuum a knockoff of the Pursonic Elite 600 units?

My Neatos (yes, I have 2) do a better job on hardwood than they do on carpet. They suck up the tumbleweeds from my cats and dogs. But like others mention,and especially on carpet, it doesn’t replace a good thorough clean. I use my Dyson for that.

The Neatos are especially great for days where I procrastinate cleaning though before company. I feel like a general ordering my little Neatos underlings off to do my bidding in separate parts of the house while I hurriedly do some other cleaning!

But, I always need to sweep the hardwood, then mop it. Womp womp. It’s purdy flooring though! Unfortunately I hated the Mint and back it went…

But as far as the Neato goes, durable, powerful little robot. It usually gets out of tight spots on it’s own, though I have had to help it out from under a chair in a corner a few times. It won’t go under couch skirts/bed skirts/curtains as it thinks they are solid, so you have to lift them. It gets under the beds and couches where I cannot, which I love. Also any strings need to be picked up lest the Neato gets VERY upset…my cat runs off with them and my Neato sometimes finds them before I do.

I’m surprised by this. We actually started off with a Roomba and moved to a Neato. Our experience was exactly the opposite…


Had for over a year. No major maintenance required other than emptying the dust bin and cleaning out fur from the brushes every 3 months. Sometimes it “eats” socks or cords, which causes it to stop dead in its tracks. Also, we have a very furry Himalayan who sheds like crazy. It has managed to get stuck in a few locations, but this usually only happens once every few months.

Neato- Has been a problem since we bought it. The very first day it managed to get stuck on a rocking chair. That should have been an indication to stop using it. It always manages to get lost for months. I once placed it a few feet away from its base and told it to dock. It decided to traverse the room for roughly 20 minutes before running out of batteries.

On the plus side for both, neither one has fell down the stairs yet and they do a pretty good job of cleaning.

Interesting…my Neato has never has never had that problem or gotten lost. Sounds like an issue out of the box with your unit. I actually chose the Neato for it’s superior navigating capabilities to the Roomba - I didn’t want it to bump into all of my furniture/walls.

Is this the Signature Pro or Signature model? The Pro uses the blade/brush combo but your photo shows just the blade which come with the Signature model.

So this is the Signature Pro. The Blade/Brush combo comes installed into the machine as is one of the filters. The other filter and spare blade are pictured.

Low hanging fruit: take off your shoes when you get in the door.

This event is awesome, however, I just bought myself a Shark Vacuum.

Anyone want to donate a Neato to me? PLEASE! :slight_smile:

I’m a little upset that I live in the 21st century and I STILL don’t own a robot.

We have the Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum and previously had a Roomba 400 Series. Neato has performed better overall for us. We have a 1930’s cottage style home with many angles/corners, 95% of the house is hardwood floors, one room is 1 1/2 carpeting, one room ceramic tile.
Occupants include:
1 - Long haired dog that weighs 55-60 lbs., indoor/outdoor.
2 - Long haired cats that weigh 11-15 lbs., indoor.
1 - Sassy short haired cat that weighs 9 lbs., indoor.
1 - Slightly hairy husband that fancies himself a ‘mechanic/carpenter’ weeknights/weekends, indoor/outdoor.
Me - loves to do gardening/yard stuff.
I run the Neato every day and usually only have to vacuum with an upright when there is company coming over or excessive in and out is done during a day. And the only reason I vacuum is I just feel like I have to, not because it looks like I need to.
We did have to relocate the NEATO a couple of times to a completely level surface or else it would not charge properly (1930’s home). The only thing it really gets stuck on is a huge floor vent in the hall, if it goes in at a weird angle – which I think has more to do with where the cats are when it goes toward the hall. They stalk it. It picks up more than the Roomba did, does not constantly ‘bump’ into things, Way easier to clean and we have had it for over a year and we have no had to replace the battery. We replaced the Roomba’s twice.

I use the Neato XV12 on my hardwood floors and it does a great job except in to the corners.