Autumn Aviary

A charm of goldfinches. A worm of robins. A radiance of cardinals. A dissimulation of birds.

collective nouns

That flame at the bottom is turning all the lower birds red… how strange.

For once we can honestly say that this shirt is for the birds. :slight_smile:

Well, one out of three isn’t a bad derby.

Yay cardinals! I have no reason to complain today, and boy was I prepared to complain, hehe

Now THIS is a good tree shirt :slight_smile:

where are the turkeys?

Definitely don’t want to park my car under that tree.

Better buy beautiful birds bedecking blue birch.

No squirrels? Disappointed. Nice design though.

Help me with the math here.

If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush–what does that make a tree full?

This has a pleasing trunk-leaves ratio.

I had sincerely hoped my trifecta predictions would be dead on, but I am very happy and pleased to see this one print, Loopy!

Now, for next week… Viva La Baconoctopus!

I think I have dendrophobia.

They Might Be Giant Canaries…

nice ref, woot. you’re the only bee in my bonnet.

I got mine! Kinda rare when a design I vote for wins. Congratulations to theinfinityloop - it is a beautiful shirt.

I also think I have ornithophobia. This shirt is not going to work out for me. Which is unfortunate, because I actually like it.

But what’s up with the fire behind it?

I wonder if color reflects the pecking order?

Happy Halloween Fellow Wooters!