Autumn Aviary

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Hope Its Filled With Lots Of Candy!!!


What? It is too a word! Haven’t you seen Bambi? So there.

Wow, is this an early print for the next derby, ‘Meat’ ?

Bought one! This shirt is a real tweet.

Sorry for the bad pun; I just sort of winged it.

Gorgeous design, Loop. Well-deserved print indeed.

Woo Hoo! I can mark a couple more people off the Christmas buy list. I was starting to get a little worried that none of the shirts I really like would end up placing.

Great job on this shirt, it is very lovely. :slight_smile:

I’m in for one… course that could be cause I can be a little flighty!

I really like the placement of the design on this one.
I usually hem up about 3 to 4 inches on my Tees, so hope it isn’t too close to the bottom. We shall see…
I think I may have to buy this lovely design!

I’d wear this shirt to a Cardinals-Orioles game for sure.

Looking at this makes reminds of a story that makes me swallow my tears. Back in my teens I was a good baseball player but my younger brother was on the short side. I told him he would never be any good. Well aparrotly I was wrong. I remember the other team had the bases loaded and we were winning by one point with two outs. Suddenly a pop fly was hit out to him in left field. That little sucker didn’t even finch when the ball came towards him. He wren like heck and dove spectacularly for the ball and caught it, proving he was a good flycatcher. Needless to say he was the heron of the day and I told him “Toucan sure play baseball well!” I still egret being mean to him before the game. Gull lee, sometimes I sure can be a falcon jerk. Ah hawk, I learned a cardinal rule – never under estimate that little guy. No sir, owl never forget that day!

Looks like someone is fishing for a quality post…

…and got it.:slight_smile:

Mostly I was going for the groans. My students have to put up with this kind of stuff from me every day.

Hallelujah! I just bought my first yellow shirt - EVER IN MY LIFE - courtesy of the very talented InfinityLoop. I am so glad, both selfishly and unselfishly, for your under-appreciated but much deserved win. And, this is the first derby in which I can remember buying two shirts - so it must have been many months or a year or more since I last did.

Three tree designs win for ‘Fall Colors’, ha! Well, I can’t say I’m surprised; that phrase alone typically refers to autumnal foliage, and I know that for myself, it doesn’t feel like Fall without the trees turning pretty colours. This is one reason I could NEVER live anywhere that doesn’t have fairly substantial foliage or worse yet, has no noticeable transition between Summer and Winter.*** That is just not right; it is sacrilege, and limits me to fairly narrow range of places where I can reside.

***Hello, South Bay, CA - I’m looking at you; 5 years there ATE MY SOUL, I tell you!

Haha - zing! The truth, oh how it stings.

3rd place in this week’s derby: trees

l.o.v.e. it

totally deserves it. So many puns. I’ve died and gone to pun heaven. Hehe.

So many trees woot! I love it. Sadly I’m already overdrawn so no trees for me. However, if anyone wanted to buy me a tree, I’d hug the shirt. Not an actual tree. Not you. Unless you were hot. Then that’s a whole different story. Well… I guess if you were local I’d hug you anyway.

This is very beautiful ^^. Even though this was for the fall derby, the nice color choices make this a tee you could wear for any season.

not gonna lie, kinda pissed this was the third place. weak sauce

Been a while since I’ve allowed woot to disappoint me like this, so I had a change of heart, the shirt just doesn’t seem to fit the fall color category to me, not compared to what else was available. Sad to miss out on some good shirts.

Congrats TheInfinityLoop!