Autumn Breeze

Too Emo for me, sorry.


Because it’s in black, I want it hard.

My S.O. is gonna love this! Glad this rose through the ranks!

Wow that’s emo… Cool design, but I’d get beat up if I wore this.

This looked alright (not that i’d buy it then either) in the first picture in the Derby… but on the black? Outright emo!

a bit too depressing for me :l

The person on the shirt looks emo. I’m not emo, i don’t want to wear an emo. Sorry.

Bah! I’ve been waiting for that brown changing seasons one and it didn’t even place.
what a bummer!

Don’t debate too long, my guess is that this will outsell the other shirts.

2 in a row for me

I shall cry a single emo tear at the thought of having to pass on this one.

pretty cool,
got one, 9th shirt.woot!

Very cool design, but not something I would wear :\

i don’t care if it looks a bit emo…it’s a great design and it should have won the derby

All you kids do these days is complain about everything being emo. This shirt isn’t “emo” and its really not for guys, but it would look nice on chicks.

I dont get why they changed the shirt color. The dark green was perfect for it. Oh well. Now I am all bummed about it so I NEED a black shirt. CLEVER, those woot guys.

hi woot,
Um… What happened to the brown design that I voted on? I was going to spend my well earned 21.65 on this, but now I shall not… I’m actually really disappointed. I was going to buy it for two girls but it’s really too emo for that now. Damn.

This one looks pretty good but the person on there doesn’t suit me very well :/. Darn.

First woot shirt, although I did pause for a bit when I saw the full design on a black t-shirt. However, I really like the umbrella-turning-into-leaves thing and the color makes up for the emo-ness everyone’s referencing.

I just hope I’m not swimming in it. I like more fitted tees. Got the WS. Now… the wait.