Autumn Breeze

Thought the same. But it does look kickass.

Shirt comes with complimentary “ink” black hair dye and 3 pack of razor blades.

That is odd. I wonder if Woot decided to change the shirt color or the artist changed their mind?

3rd shirt this week for me. This one’s got quality, but it’s not something to wear around people you don’t know well.

nice design, don’t know about the position…

Great shirt. I’m suprised it only got third. I thought it would win first no problem. Nice job.

They’re projecting. Everybody on this site scoffs heartily at every shirt that comes up and then wonders why Woot! never sells shirts as good as their “Protect Your Nuts” shirt. Then they cry.

If it’s off-center, artsy, or just plain different, in a bad way, it’s emo.

People need some new adjectives.

I don’t know, but something like that hasn’t happened before, to my knowledge, at least. I guess they reserve the right to do that. Maybe it’s because two of the past derby-placing shirts were brown? (Cool Breeze and Decomposition) Still, what the community voted on was not that.

Great - I love this shirt . . . on brown. The black doesn’t look quite right.

N41 2x, regardless of emo qualities. My personal fav from the derby, wish I had won (and the other two hadn’t).

It’s amazing that people don’t know what emo means. It’s not a reference to being emotional. That’s how the mainstream media defined it, so I guess that’s why everyone sees it that way. Oh well. I like the shirt: kinda reminds me of that little girl on the salt container. I suppose if she was on a black container, someone would call that emo too.

THAT’S not emo…

THIS is emo


i like the design, not enough to buy a shirt. looking forward to tomorrow


You people have no clue as to what emo is.

great design!

condition: Blustery

Cazn’t see the tree on the right b/c it’s beeing blocked by the closeup. Anyone have an unobstructed image of that tree?

This is nice. I got one though. Cool design

Exactly the same shirt I thought of as soon as I saw this one. This woot is a pretty clear rip-off.

lol, well put.