Autumn = Embarrassment

Congrats! Well drawn design.

I like this shirt alot but it reminds me of those random skateboard shirts they sell for junior boys at like sears or jcpenny or something. The design is soo cute I just cant see myself wearing it

I just got my friend signed up here on woot, now he is going to know what its like to be addicted to shirts. His first shirt he ordered tonight, “Oh Burned” is one I haven’t got yet, so thats cool that I’ll be able to check it out. He’s thinking about this one too, but who knows, he just saw my list of shirts.

We both think this design is incredibly hilarious though, but none of us dropped the 10 yet. Every time you look at it though its just so funny. I think the green shirt is what I don’t like about it, but honestly, it really wouldn’t work on any other color. Anyone think of anything to help persuade me to the buying team?

Wow! I was close to buying one, but I couldn’t see myself wearing it.

“I can’t afford it” = tactful code for “I don’t like this enough to spend money and wear it” :stuck_out_tongue:

Is a trjilloplex more than a brazillion?

With concern for your budget, I recommend NOT buying this design. You’ve got to save your money, friend. I don’t think blammoed will need your help to get an early sell-out anyway. :tongue:

Wilfred Owen reference?

This is a great design!!! Only if I didnt buy too much from woot already, I will be in for one definitely!!!

In for one. Gratz on derby print.

Nice design, in for 1… my first shirt.woot in about a month! slim pickins lately but I think this derby had some great entries, looking forward to the next 2 as well.

with or without the wax?

my first woot shirt! but not for me :stuck_out_tongue:
I love the design!

Much nicer then the last … I wish I lived in a state with seasons :frowning: florida isnt fun.

This is a great shirt. Good thing my husband was kind enough to wake me up when he got home. Well, at least I am assured of getting this shirt. The color was the only hurdle since I am one of the notorious turle lovers. Almost half of my shirt.woots are already green, but what the heck?

In for one!

Northwest have a whole lot of evergreens. I just point and laugh at seasonal trees… HAHAHAAA

Just kidding. I love the design. :smiley:

Love the design…but olive is just such a bad color

Congratulations on the print, Love it but I bought my quota for this month .saving up foro the W.O… you know what I mean…

Aren’t the members of woot to blame?

from what I have seen, it’s direct democracy as far as to what gets printed, we like we vote, they print and sell… Not someone’s personal choice, other than the voter.

I agree, I have seen a lot of art that should make it to a shirt that hasn’t.

but this one is so damned fun it hurts. I mean, naked trees, how would you like walking around naked for 3-8 months a year.

The irony of the naked tree is that it is on an article of clothing.