Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter

Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter 2-Pack
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(1) Aux Délices des Bois Black Truffle Butter, 8 oz.
(1) Aux Délices des Bois White Truffle Butter, 8 oz.

Fun Fact: This was the first item I ever purchased from Woot. I highly recommend them if you like truffles. Even my boyfriend, who does not typically care for truffles, like the white truffle butter on pasta with a little shaved cheese.

What’s your favorite recipe for using this truffle butter?

Yes! This stuff keeps extremely well in the freezer. Amazingly, just this past weekend we finished up a little tub of this black truffle butter on top of some fabulous prime rib eyes. Just a couple of shavings put my sous vide 132 degree, then seared, steaks, into the realm of unforgettable bliss.
BTW, I’d had that tub of black truffle butter in my freezer since I bought it on wine.woot three YEARS AGO. It has lasted that long, as only a small amount is needed to make a huge impact on flavor.
Buy–you won’t regret it!

Is this made with fresh Italian truffles?

Thanks for the enticing recipe, although it’s not really fair to have it be the first thing I read on my birthday (soggy granola, anyone?). Your sous-vide idea is brilliant. Lobster tail works beautifully this way, with a dollop of the black. And risotto with the white. Now, about the time your trufffle butter did in the deep freeze…just goes to show that expiration dates, while legally required, are often super conservative. (We recommend 18 months in freezer, 6 weeks in fridge.)

Any nifty recommendations for the white? I go through the black like it’s candy, but could use some ideas on the white.

Due to the almost garlicky high notes of a white truffle (in season now, going for multiple hundreds of dollars per ounce!), it does well wherever that ingredient fits in. We just made French garlic soup, slathered croutons with white truffle butter, and floated them on the soup. It also got tossed with white beans simmered with rosemary. Melt into flash-sauteed kale with toasted almonds. Stir into Chicken or Vegetable Tikki Masala. Fonduta-style warm dip for crudites.


For real truffles (black and white) I store the them for a day or two with eggs. The eggs absorb the flavor and then you scramble them up. To die for.
Ok, this is not fresh truffle, but play with finishing off eggs of any type with a bit of this butter. It’s pretty tasty.

Fresh truffle would spoil (do NOT try this at home!), so we use frozen European white truffles, with a sprinkling of porcini for flavor, texture, and of course (we blush), to enhance the butter’s admittedly attractive appearance.

I’m IN!
My last order went on a tour of the USA (thanks FedEx) and arrived 2 weeks later and unusable.
This is the BEST!

Thanks - we are flattered and love the compliments.

Cut this out, you. You’ll make me buy more!

The risotto suggestion alone from your previous post is going to put me over the edge.

awwwww mAIN! I know these truffle butters are good! but…that’s only if you like truffles. I think they taste like the dirt the piggies find them in. Sad for me but hell! The rest of us are L U C K Y​:yum::+1:t4::pray:t3::curly_loop::mantelpiece_clock::joy:

Do I really ~need~ these?
Nope. Got some still unopened.
Am I gonna get more?
Absolutely! Don’t want to be without some…