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1 Black Truffle Butter 3.5oz tube
1 White Truffle Butter 3.5 oz tube
1 Fines Herbes Butter with Meyer Lemon 3.5 oz tube
1 Smoky Barbecue Butter 3.5oz tube

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Good evening, everyone. This is an exciting night for me…my first time on wine.woot. My friends Amy and Thierry Farges and I worked very hard developing these grilling butters.

They may say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. We make a beeline for the grill anyway, which is how these butters came to be. Melt a coin of black truffle butter on a just-grilled steak, and you’ll have your friends eating out of your hands.

these will be delivered by labor day–I’m gonna be out this weekend–will these be delivered by then, or next week?

How are these shipped to assure there is no spoilage?

“Professor” I’m a big fan of BBQ U and Primal Grill. It’s great when PBS Create has the all day marathon a couple times a year. Because of you I: 1) Keep it HOT 2) Keep it CLEAN and 3) Keep it LUBRICATED.

Hi Steven! I love watching your shows on PBS. These butters look awesome!

Welcome! Love your show, very interesting and informative. I have The Barbecue Bible and your grill set!

Aux Delices will be handling the fulfillment of your order, but the butters will arrive in time for your Labor Day grilling session.

Thanks, Cesare!

The butters are shipped in an insulated box with frozen gel packs to assure they arrive in good condition.

Thanks for your reply, but that doesn’t really answer my question. With temps predicted at 108 on Saturday, I guess I’ll just make my own butters and not take a chance on these.

They’ll be shipped early next week, so you’ll get them in time. We chill 'em down good and pack them with ice packs. So go ahead and plan that Labor Day menu.

Big fan, Mr. Raichlen!

One question. I assume you can divide and freeze some for later use… how long would they keep in the freezer?

The butters arrive if not still frozen, fresh. Butter is very forgiving, due to its high butterfat. Freeze it when it arrives.

Heck, our friends in Normandy won’t eat butter that has been in a refrigerator.

May be a silly question but are these gluten free? With these arriving in time for Labor Day weekend I want to make sure I can use them for the family cookout since a few members can’t have gluten.

I noticed one just listed spices as an ingredient and that sometimes means gluten containing items.

If they are I’m in for at least 2 sets.

How often do you clean out your freezer? We still have some from 2008 that we’d scoop into a baked potato. A year is optimum.

Ah! You know “Raichlen’s Mantra”. That’s gratifying. So glad to hear you enjoy the show.

You just signed up for 2 sets! No gluten.

Thanks for watching the show. We’re really proud of the butters, and think of new uses for them all the time.