Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter

Bought these a few years ago, I keep them in the freezer, they taste great and a little goes a long way

Never had truffle butter before, so I pulled the string for these last time they were offered. Now I’m addicted!

I am keeping these in the freezer in using a little bit at a time, but the taste is absolutely amazing!

I missed it the last time this was offered so I was glad when I had a chance to try this. I decided to try other truffle butters as I had never tasted it before and I too became addicted. Can’t wait to compare this with the other ones I’ve tasted. If it’s as good as everyone said the last time in the comments, this would be a fantastic buy, as a mere (less than 3oz) can go for in the price range of $20 to $30-can’t wait to try it and see.

I am so upset with WOOT on this issue I cannot believe it. I had heard about Aux Delices and was sooo excited to try it but it seems that my order which was very expensive was delayed and no one gets back to me personally telling me what is going on. There is no phone # to talk to anyone. There was no tracking # and it still said it was processing for shipping on the date it was estimated to be there. I have written over and over again and each time a different agent gets back to me with the same message, a “fellow agent is working on it and will get back to me soon.” It seems like it is a robot sending these messages or loops of messages and no one is taking an interest in getting back to me specifically to tell me what is going on and when I will receive my orders. I have told all my friends and family about their Christmas gifts and I am very concerned it will not be here for Christmas. And I was the First wooter to order one of my orders on day 1 and I also ordered the second order on day one. No one seems to know where my order is, or what is going on or even cares about it. I am appalled at this treatment. Really!!! I spent alot of money on this and I feel I have been treated abominally. Why should I be having this problem when I ordered on the first day this was available?

Mine arrived today, the grilling butters. And FedEx tracking seems to whacked right now. Not necessarily woot specific but in general. I have stuff showing up that tracking says label created. No movement. Then the product shows up and tracking fills in.

Okay, I need to update. I finally did receive my orders today…I am very relieved. The butters seem to be in good shape, although one of the packages had ice packets to keep it gold, the other did not and it was starting to get very soft. Luckily even though I live in California and the weather can be all over the place from 35 degrees or lower to 90 or higher, the weather fortunately did cooperate and it was only about 65 degrees, so not terribly hot. Haven’t tried them yet but they are safely in the freezer. I’m not sure what happened, but I am glad that it is over. I’m really grateful that Woot was able to figure it out and work together with FedEx to get me my purchases as promised, before Christmas and unspoiled. Thank you Woot.