Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter

woot gave up on that wine ever moving.

So there was only 4 of those…that bar was way off interesting. No thanks on the butter. give me more wine!!!

that might be the case also… 4 sold in 1 hour and an estimated 26 more to go.

I’ll take one in a Bag of crap please :smiley:

Woot! Been waiting a month for this to come back up. In for two this time, these have revolutionized the way that I cook.

Om nom nom.

This stuff makes the world a better place.

How is this butter being shipped? It’s sometimes in the 90’s here…

Woohoo my last 2 purchases bumped my square color. But looks like I might be there a while…thats a big range.

What does one do with Black and White Truffle Butter ?

Yummy truffle butter! If you don’t have 3 stacked in your freezer at the moment, you should definitely stock up! If WD will promise that this will be a regular woot-off item (as it seems to be) then I’ll use the stuff I have more quickly and restock more often :slight_smile:

$5 shipping would suggest regular fedex ground as I see no smartpost sign


This is even more expensive than raw organic grass-fed butter. Can someone who has these on hand post the ingredient lists? Is it just butter with truffle oil?

Sorry, I meant how is it packed for shipping?

Smartpost, but last time it was packed with frozen ice packs in insulated packaging, no problem.


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Finally caved in. If I place in freezer does the butter still tats the same? Do you peps keep it in freezer and use as needed? Please advise as i doubt i will go thru this in a short period of time

A few answers to a few different wooters:

Ships in a small styrofoam cooler with mini icepacks. Arrived well last time

It contains truffle oil and a significant amount of actual truffle, small bits throughout the butter. The quality of the butter is excellent to start with.

As for recipes use it to finish a pasta, finish a steak or thicken/develop a good demi-glace, use a small amount with chicken or eggs when cooking sous vide for an intense truffle flavor or my personal favorite (which I ripped off from Serious Pie in Seattle): make truffle pizza with an olive oil base, truffled pecorino cheese, chanterelles or other wild mushrooms and brush the crust with a 1:1 mixture of melted truffle butter and regular butter.

donde esta cesare???

If like last time they use 2 (or 3?) day shipping. Inside the box the sides and bottom are lined with a thick layer of styrofoam and then on top of the butter is an ice pack and a lid of styrofoam. When I ordered it, it was in the 80’s and everything inside was still cold. I made sure I was home for that delivery so I could put the butter in the freezer immediately.