Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter

Aux Délices des Bois Black and White Truffle Butter
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 8 oz Black Truffle Butter
1 8 oz White Truffle Butter

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Ok, I’ve often wondered, what is the real appeal of this? How does it taste?

We sell this at the deli I work at. It’s awesome.

I got this last time and it was just delicious. Keep it in the freezer to make it last.

What do you do with it? Do you use it more for cooking & sauces or more as a spread?

This stuff is pure delight - but a little goes an incredibly long way and it keeps forever in the freezer, so I still don’t need to buy more!

How long will this last once opened? (And I don’t mean once everyone gets their paws on it ;))

Does it need to be refrigerated?

I see it is sent via 'dumb’SmartPost, I assume not chilled…

Sorry, rushing off to dentist appt, wanted to get these Q’s in :wink:

I’m fully stocked or I’d be on this one. This stuff is great. It will keep in the freezer for a long, long time. I just chisel off a chunk as needed. If you haven’t tried it by now, start today!

I can see how this would be really really tasty, but I eat pretty healthy and don’t even have butter in the fridge. As my use wouldn’t be that often, how long can these last after opened?

Cooking/sauces - I can’t actually imagine spreading it on toast, or something. But melting a little bit over steak or vegetables is delicious.

This stuff is the greatest. I paid attention to this whole wootoff just for this item.

I got these last time and I’ve hardly put a dent in them and I’ve been keeping them in the fridge. I really only use these guys as butter to put on bread and it is delicious. But the smells are a little too noxious for me, so I won’t be buying them again. But I am glad I tried them out.

Put a dab of the black on a burger or a steak, put the white on pastas. You can’t go wrong with this stuff.

Oh truffle butter, how I love you. The black truffle butter goes great with potatoes. I have added it to baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, and mashed potatoes. It keeps for a long time in the freezer, if you can resist using it. I have melted the white truffle butter over asparagus and even added it to a roast I fixed recently. Buy it! They are both amazing!

Hummm, love truffle butter!
$35 for a whole pound seems fair if it’s high quality: can someone who has some stocked in the freezer give us the ingredient list?

I’ve got about 2 of these offerings left in the freezer, this stuff is SO delicious I’m in for 2 more.

Might be one of the best woots I’ve ever purchased!

Last time it came with a little freeze-bag thing to make sure it stayed cold for the trip, and it was sent Fed-Ex. I kept it in the freezer on advice from Wooters who had bought it previously, and just scraped off bits with a knife as needed. It’ll probably keep indefinitely frozen (but it won’t last very long at our house). It’s fantastic on pretty much anything- crackers, english muffins, in mashed potatoes, on steak…

Woohoo! I’ve been lying in wait this entire woot-off for this stuff, just hoping it’d come up. I’ve been kicking myself for missing it the last time.

Sounds like this isn’t the type of item that should be shipped via SmartPost then???