Aux Délices des Bois Dried Wild Mushrooms - 4 pack

Aux Délices des Bois Dried Wild Mushrooms - 4 pack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
1 Porcini 3oz bag
1 Morels 1oz bag
1 Mushroom Medley 3oz bag
1 Black Trumpet 3oz bag

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This is $5 cheaper than last time.

What happened to the Di Arie wine!!!

The servers are really slow today, or the service provider is having problems.

I was queued up to buy 3 of the Di Arie 3-packs. Any chance my order got in ???

We still have these in our freezer… :frowning:

You’ll get an email confirmation if you got it in. I was also trying, but I couldn’t get past the button…

I love cooking with fancy mushrooms. Especially with some good meat, butter and wine. They add awesome earthy nuances to food. Really want.

last time I ate dried srooms I got so high… oh nevermind different srooms. :slight_smile:

I’m in. Jana & I can always use these.

If these mushrooms make you “cook” for more than 4 hours call a medical professional!!

Not interested in the Shrooms but I will proudly say I got the BoC after three years of fail!

Bought these a few months back. Still have some. You really have to strain and rinse these because of all the dirt. I’ve never really cooked with dried mushroom before these and can’t say I’m a fan. Texture is just too off. Not to mention the grit.

These are great! We ordered them the last time they had been offered. They REALLY DO rehydrate back very close to what the consistency is with a ‘fresh’ mushroom, and ALL of their tastes are TERRIFIC TOO!
If your ‘on the fence’, get off of it & buy some now! You will NOT be sorry (that is if your a mushroom lover anyway!).

There was a bag of crap at the same time.

This is a pretty decent price for dried mushrooms, if the quality is good.

One thing I miss about Wisconsin is the people by the side of the road selling fresh morels in season, which is almost upon us.

You must just have gotten a ‘dirty bag’, because not a single bag of our four were as you described. A simple rinse took care of any MINOR dirt that was left on any of our’s. Anyway, you’ll always end up with a TON MORE DIRT on the ‘fresh one’s’ that you get at the grocery store. Regardless of where you get mushrooms you always have to clean them anyway, so I really don’t get what the complaint is even about?

Great. I take one midterm and I miss it. Again. Grr college, ruining my chances of happiness.

So when does wine woot get a “sac de merde”, “sacchetto di merda”, “sacculum lutum”, “pytel blbost”, “がらくたの袋”, “poka af vitleysa”, or a “bag o crap”(Welsh)

No, a bagel or crepe isn’t what wine woot needs. Wine woot needs a “box of vinegar”.

The BOC just happened over on Woot! main :D…so we’re lucky the servers are still functioning at all haha…

This is an awesome deal - the Morel’s alone are worth the price…

$25 for 1oz of Morels…

The complaint is I usually do use fresh and have never had a problem with grit like I had with these. Especially the black trumpets. I followed the directions just as stated and wasn’t able to completely clean and the texture made them hard to chew. So therefore, I will only be using fresh when I can get them after my experience with these.
I’m glad you had success with them.

Yeah if you’re gullible enough to pay THAT price!$400 for a pound!!

No Blessing of Confucious for me… so I will be happy with lovely mushrooms coming my way.