Aux Délices des Bois Dried Wild Mushrooms - 4 pack

Dried… and magic?

Nice! You can wash these in water.

I remember these from High School.

Judd here - Founder of Humanitas wines – the next woot off item on the docket. Lemme tell you – I think these mushrooms would go stunningly well with our 2006 ‘Sugarloaf Mountain’ (Napa) Merlot. Pick 'em both up!

LOVE these! Now I can stop rationing the few I have left from the last offer. Now…where’s the truffle butter?

Dear Wine.Woot,
I spent a heart-wrenching afternoon being repeatedly denied my bag of crap. So, in my quest to self-soothe I have been hoping you would post Blenheim Farms dried apricots. That’s a fruit - not a fungus. Please try again.

We got these last time; great value, fine quality. Good holiday gifts for any vegetarians on your list, too. In for two.

In my freezer, doled out in very small amounts.

Me too! Hope it comes back for the holidays, was a very popular gift.

Gee wonder if these are like the shrooms I enjoyed back in the 80’s ??? hummmmmm probably not :slight_smile:

Grabbed one… still have some in the freezer, but with winter coming I see loads of yummy mushroom dishes on the horizon! But, along with others, would love to see some truffle butter come up. Super yummy.

Can anyone give me a hint as to how much 3 oz of these guys is? Are we talking a handful, a cup (not crushed up, but if I just took these and put them in a measuring cup, how much am I looking at?)

For some odd reason I feel like I should buy these, I’m just not sure what I would do with them :slight_smile:

In for two - one for a Christmas gift.

Still have some butter, but some will be going down with pasta tomorrow night.

Ordered some for Xmas gifts. How do I store them until then?

Hi Judd! In expectation of the next offering, I’m going to open a bottle of the 2007 Weed Farms Syrah I got last time you guys visited. Any chance my boyfriend Jim is going to make an appearance?


They store extremely well in the freezer. Just put them in a gallon zip-loc and squeeze out the air.

Might want to go pick up a GPS first unless you already have one cause last time I picked these up and used them I ended up lost in the woods for 2 days.

The wonderful mushroom people send a few recipes along with the shrooms!