Avalon 5L Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier

I have one of these. Excellent capacity and does a great job of hydrating the room. Remote doesn’t work great, but that’s about it in regard to complaints. Doesn’t leak, which is the primary problem I’ve had with other humidifiers.

Bought one in January at $79.99 (from Woot). A little annoyed to see the cheaper price, but what are you gonna do?
It works well. Doesn’t leak. The reservoir comes out, has a handle, you can fill up wherever and carry it over with the handle, not too unwieldy. The tank is much smaller than my last one, so it feels like it goes through water really quickly. The only other funky thing is that it feels like you -need- to read the small instruction manual it comes with. There are a lot of settings and they’re not really intuitive. You can still use it without “optimizing”, though.
Overall, good buy, better buy at today’s price.