Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler

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Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler
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1/10/2017 - $149.99 - Click To See Discussion (13 comments)

I would be immensely more interested if this was self-cleaning. I eventually recycled my old dispenser when after four years, I couldn’t get rid of a funky taste no matter what I did to clean it.

Somebody on the previous woot for this linked a Costco model that is bottom loading and self cleaning…I just may have to dig out my membership card soon.

This is a direct quote from the Costco site describing the self cleaning system regarding their water dispenser. “This state-of-the-art water dispenser incorporates a system that will dispense a harmless extra molecule of oxygen into the water on a regular basis, known as Ozone. Our Ozone system will leave no taste and yet it creates an environment where bacteria just can’t grow. In fact, it kills any harmful bacteria on contact, prevents any bio-film buildup, and requires no additional cleaning of the interior this product, resulting in the most pristine and freshest tasting drinking water possible.”

Ozone, in even low concentrations has been shown to cause cancer in living organisms, so buyer beware.

Uh, Ozone occurs naturally. Run and hide?

If worried about cancer from ozone wterntreatment systems then I’d recommend you also avoid swimming in pools that use ozone filtration systems.

Icemakers, humidfiers, water coolers, air conditioners, dehumidiers…ALL require more cleaning that most people realise in order to avoid mold. Rust isn’t the only thing that never sleeps.

Ozone is a commonly used advanced oxidation process treatment in drinking water treatment plants, it isn’t listed on the IARC monographs nor the EPA CCL3 or CCL4, and no peer reviewed articles I can find support this idea. Could you point me in the direction of a peer reviewed article which supports this claim? Thanks.

I see people wondering about cleaning this machine. I have had many water coolers for the past 20 years and I clean my water jugs out with a mixture of bleach water and I do the same with the water cooler. Take a 1/2 full water jug add some bleach, run it through, then do same with plain water to rinse it. I do this several times a year