Avalon Emergency Flashlights (3-Pack)

I’m sorry, can you provide any information that would actually be useful in an emergency?
What is the power factor?
What is the wattage/lumens output for each set of lights?
How long does it last per charge?
What is the recharge time? What is the motion sensor range and can it be used to set off booby-traps in your defensive perimeter?

& if you pee on the LED part it will let you know if you are pregnant…


Are the batteries replaceable?

Nice photo shop!!! Wow, I’ve seen better in MineCraft.

We have had a set for quite a while. I can answer from a technical standpoint that they are “bright as shit,” aka “GET THAT GODDAMNED THING OUT OF MY FACE AAAAGH” bright.

And at least as far as the flashlight-at-the-end part goes (i.e. not the panel on the side) it’ll last all night - I base this on the fact that my wife will often fall asleep reading with one, and it’ll still be cranking out light come morning.

The motion sensor is at least across a hallway, and you can turn the light around backwards in the charger so it’s not as easy to trigger. But as it sometimes triggers when I walk by anyway, I figure it must key on microchanges in air density.

Couldn’t tell you what the recharge time is per se, since we just “hang them up” during the daytime. Come evening, they’re good to go again.


I bought these last go around on Woot. One was defective out of the three. Woot credited me back for one of them. The one that was bad had a bad motion sensor. These are not all that bright - but do the job if you just need some night light to get around in the dark. They stay charged while in their sockets and can be used as a flashlight if your power goes off. Decent product for the money.

Got my three-pack and wish I could get another one! These little lights are hella bright and come on startlingly quickly when you come into a dark room and have forgotten you stuck one in there. Several thumbs up from me!

I’m not trying to tell tales out of school, but maybe hang around the woot off today