Avalon HEPA Air Purifier or 2Pk Filters

Amazon has some reviews

The Photoshop skills on Woot are getting epic. Hard to tell if the product pics are altered or not.

Most product pics are manufacturer supplied

Right!? So realistic!

Good deal folks. Now you can breathe easy… Ahhh feels good already

According to the comments on Amazon, nobody can find filters for this so if you buy it, better buy the max amount of filter they allow you to get with it.

I searched Amazon and could only find filter for $169 a pair, suggesting to me that they are not made any more.

I bought a Norelco purfier years ago, and same thing. The machine itself was cheap, but you needed to take out a second mortgage for replacement filters. IF you could find them.

Hmmm, one unit and two spare 2 packs of filters, guess I’m set for the next 2.5 years for ~$140. My current filter which I like runs 50$ a year for a single filter change (plus $125 for the machine/orig filter). I call this a success. Now I need to decide if I should stock up with a second order for the max (an additional 3 years) since apparently these filters are rare…

It seems that there are adequate filters on the market now. That online comment was written right when the air purifier itself launched its product. I contacted the company and they have confirmed this, but yes I do agree that 22.99 for a pack of 2 Hepa filters is a bargain and your best option now, so stock up!

How big of an area will this purifier be effective? The only calculation I found was on Amazon. Someone gave the answer of 350 sq ft. That isn’t an adequate answer. We need cubic feet effectiveness, not square feet, as a room with a 8’ ceiling is much different than a room of the same floor dimensions with a 14’ ceiling.

We’re waiting on confirmation, but I’m told air purifiers are generally measured in sq ft or meters, not cubic feet.

And those numbers assume an 8 ft ceiling. So if you have a 12 ft ceiling and basic math skills, you can adjust the spec for your situation. :slight_smile:

Sq Ft is Floor size. you have to multiply the height of the wall also to get the area of the room. Or cubic ft. of the room.
So if they don’t list cubic feet of the unit

I don’t see where they are saying how long the filters usually last. Do you run yours 24/7 or just when you are in a room? I’m thinking about the bedroom first, to see if we notice a difference. I agree with the stock up now theory!

What rg and man said. Air purifiers give you a square footage modern ones give you a cidr for various pollutants that are equivillant to square footage. Cubic feet is usually reserved for fans measuring the amount of air they move.

And doh, you’re limited to 3 total items, not per order so just 2.5(ish) years, then I’ll be seeking filters again :wink: speaking of filters from the pictures this looks exactly like my existing filter (envionair ap450) so perhaps the filters are the same in which case filters are available at least via that route if no one can find another place to buy them (someone reported there were filters available but neglected to give links or search terms…)

Are you allowed to do a second order for more filters? I just ordered purifier and 2 packs of filters but wouldn’t mind picking up more.

Not with this same account. Limit for this order is 3 so (1) Purifier and (2) Filter 2-packs equals 3.

Did we solve the coverage area?
So with enough bags of ice, and “x” number of these, I can keep the nosy neighbors from asking too many questions?

I, myself, don’t drive a Toyota. Would this also work in a MDX?