Avalon Oversized LED Digital Clock - 8"x14"

how can you hang it on a wall with a visible wire coming down?

You can’t mount it on a wall without the power cord showing… it requires the power adapter to operate.

This clock has a preponderance of very good reviews over on the Mother Ship’s site…

Avalon Oversized LED Digital Clock, Black, 8"X14"

A word or two, however, to those who wish to wall mount this clock… it requires the AC adapter to run. Hence, you will have an electric power cord hanging down the wall from the clock.

The RC2025 battery powers backup memory to retain the current time and day/date/year settings if unplugged - or in the event of a power failure.

An Amazon customer review says the battery is included in the box, by the way. Woot’s description doesn’t mention this.

Is it an alarm clock too???

An alarm function is not mentioned in Woot’s description nor in Amazon’s list of features. I am saying the answer to your question is apparently a “no”.

Per the vendor, no alarm clock. Sorry.

I would have been greatly surprised if this LED Digital Clock included an “alarm” function. It’s rather large for such… really more of a time display only clock.

But… can you also confirm if the battery is included with it?

From the vendor:
it’s powered by a UL approved Ac adapter. It only has a backup battery for memory.

Yes… I knew that. Refer to my first and second posting above where I earlier provided that same information for other Woot shoppers.

What we don’t know is if that battery is included in the box with this LED clock.

Note that this clock can either be hung on a wall, or placed on a desk or shelf.

Yes the backup battery comes pre-installed.

Thank you for that confirmation!!!

Does it have a setting to display 24-hour / military time?

Per the vendor: no.

If you have a spare Android or Fire tablet lying around, you can use one of several free Android apps (sorry don’t have time to search Amazon App Store for their equivalent)

<-Giant clock, displays time only, no alarm, no talking function

<-Speaking clock Tellmethetime, speaks time, no alarm

I use both apps and they work well. I am so used to the talking clock app (which I set to announce every 5 min) that I don’t notice the announcement :-(.

If you want an alarm clock, search for “alarm clock” in the Google Play Store. There are several, but I haven’t had the time to try any of these.

Looks like the price level is around the Fire HD nowadays. Good suggestion. Now, where’s the like button.

In the box:
Power wire (USB to mini plug)
Wall outlet adapter (same as 5v chargers used for phones, tablets, etc.)
Back up battery (in the box, not pre-installed)

If you want a clock with huge numbers for whatever reason, this is a pretty nice unit. I also like how you could use any 5v power source for it. A lot of wall outlets have 5v DC ports now, so you could power it from one of those, or your computer if you like, or any of the numerous 5v power sources used for charging portable devices.

Most of the computers made in the last few years have at least one USB port that is always powered, even when the computer is sleeping or turned off. The clock only uses 500mA, which is well below the limit for a computer USB power source. Or it would run for 16 hours from a 8000mAh charging device. The little coin cell battery that comes with the clock would just retain the time setting in a power failure mode; it would not be able to power the digit display.

A Kindle Fire or Android tablet has all the above features. Plus, the tablet’s internal battery can power the display and keep the time and other settings in the event of a power failure on the AC or USB side.