Avalon Oversized LED Digital Clock

No thanks. I want a clock that sets itself.

What if it’s not 12:01 here?

Next you’ll want a computer/tablet/phone that will automatically post, thru osmosis your desire not to buy something on woot! that you don’t want.

This clock would be handy for all kinds of uses and environments. I wonder if it can be set up to display 24-hour time? Also, is it really accurate? I have run into some digital clocks lately that drift more than 5 minutes a month, and need to be reset frequently.

Given that the majority of the US had clocks to reset last night, it’s a valid comment.

And I totally would love to post through osmosis.

(Hmmm … Narf has not purchased a catshirt in days …)

It sure would be vastly superior if somebody would make a reliable, long life clock with this display that is an atomic, self-setting clock. A clock that gets the standard time by radio, and does not depend on some manually-set, memory situation that can’t keep precisely accurate time. The atomic clocks I see offered for sale normally require that you touch them to see the display in the dark, or they have weak radio receivers that only work on one shelf in a corner, or they fail within months of installation. I’m hoping that some manufacturer will listen up, and get such a clock on the market right now! We need a clock that works, is easy to read from across a room, and does not demand constant contact with the viewer.