AVARI Single Action Rower



Is this usable for a tall person? I’m use to a concept 2 rower, which looks a lot bigger than this one.


First thing came to mind…


Haven’t tried this at the gym yet though! Pretty fun to watch other people though… makes that one hour on the elliptical go by faster.


Abysmal reviews at Amazon. Aside from quality issues, sounds like it’s only usable if you are unnaturally short.



If it comes with the Girl in purple I’m sold.


$114.99 tonight.
2 and 4 star review at lighting universe, for $199.99 (no, I don’t know why a lighting website is selling this)

in contrast to amazon, mostly good reviews at zoostores? same $199.99. Not sure why the discrepancy.


Thanks, I’m glad you posted that. I was strongly considering getting this, but judging from those reviews it would be a mistake. Oh well.


Oh well then, this might be the one for me since I happen to be unnaturally short.


Single action? Get with the modern day, people! You should get a double action semiautomatic rower at the very least!

Just practice safe rower handling.


The only positive reviews on
Amazon sound to me like they were written by someone with a vested interest in having these things sell. I definitely won’t be buying one of these - too bad because I am starting a 2-month weight loss competition at my work place and would have bought this.


I get the idea this guy is good at something!


Judging by the woot photos, this rower will also suck out your soul, leaving you to stare mindlessly out at a cruel cold world as you perform your single-action exercises.


The difference between this and water or fan machines is that this provides the same amount of resistance no matter how hard you pull. That, of course is problematic because the beginning of the stroke is unnaturally difficult and the finish is unnaturally easy. My guess is that has some effect on the quality of the workout.

In other words, if you want a rowing machine (and you should), buy a Concept 2 or WaterRower.


I will never understand why exercise equipment has a weight limit.


Exactly; I bought one and returned it. If you’ve used a real rowing machine before this won’t feel good at all. The resistance is controlled by a spring, so the system provides less resistance at the beginning of a pull and more at the end (the inverse of how both real rowing machines and actual rowing work). Furthermore, because it uses a spring and not a flywheel, each pull is as hard as the last instead of becoming easier the faster rate you maintain (as happens in real rowing and on good rowing machines).


I have always used a Concept2 rower, I am not a fan of the Water Rower. C2 and Water Rowers are in the $1000 range new, I think you get what you pay for (I wish they were cheaper though).


I have owned both Concept2 and WaterRower machines and both are excellent systems - currently have the WaterRower. I have also tried out a number of low-cost units that were terrible at best. As mentioned above - you get what you pay for.

At least it stands up-right so you can store it out of the way. However, $120 seems like an expensive way to hang laundry.


If you’re serious about getting a good workout in or advancing your technique, Concept 2 is the way to go. I’ve logged around 5 million meters on my Concept 2 in the last 4 years and it still feels brand new. Worth the 8x higher price.


Concept 2 rowers are definately awesome. These rowers look really cheap and not nearly as easy to use. Definately staying away, although, I love the price!