Avatar pictures.

If you came for the blue people on the planet Pandora you’ve come to the wrong place.

in honor of the new avatars i think some people should show off their newly aquired avatar people.

if you have a custom one you are welcome too but this is mainly for the people who use the ones from the randomizer.

I like yours better than mine! :frowning:

I feel like mine’s making fun of me.
>[ Why am I crying?


i only had a few choices and they all had facial hair. it would take at LEAST 6 days without tweezers for me to grow that beard.

I haz a mustache.

If you want to see more, check out this thread.

Mine is creepy

what is mine

Canadian clown with purple eyes, what the hell?

Probably the wrong thread, but I’m sort of lost on how to change my avatar.
I go to my profile page and click “Change avatar” but the page just refreshes. D:

Somehow I got super lucky and got an avatar with a wine glass! How cool is that?!?


I guess I will have to try and live up to mine…I am Woot man! Or is that Woot Squid…I’m not sure.

I Like Pie!

Boognish provides.

Quite by accident, I found the link to where I could go and change my avatar. Out of 5 choices, I only liked 2…and decided to go with the “Christopher Lloyd” one.

And ***YES!!!***…where does one go, to get one that has a wine glass?


It’s a panda. With chainsaws for arms.
You can’t tell me that’s not badass!

how does he masturbate?

…i think i would not enjoy having chainsaw arms. :wink:

I think all three of my choices are yucky. I love the avatar idea, but I hope they re-randomize at some point in the near future.

Just once.