Avatar pictures.

Who said anything about it being a male?!

i suspect i would still not enjoy the chainsawing 'tween my legs all that much.

Typical male response.

it’s a typical situation in these typical times.

it’s kind of touching that the previous poster made the tacit assumption that only guys masturbate . . .


i think i’m either from the same family of those dudes in the pic above, or im a part-time chef/ part-time blue man group member …

I can haz cheezburger! And a fez.
Those are a little silly, but the face is otherwise spot on.


A post and run.

So how do I get an avatar pic?

Oh! There it is! Is there a way to see it before I post?

Click on your picture.
There will be a change picture thing. Click on that and I think you will see your 5 choices.

I’m not 100% sure about that, because I’m afraid if I try it I"ll lose mine and have to figure out how I got it there.
I’m not a computer person.

If you have a problem, post again and I’ll send ThunderThighs over. She is a computer person & she knows how to explain it to people who aren’t.

Has anyone noticed that some avatars now wear tiny, miniaturized versions of previous Woot shirts? What makes these folks so special?

I was wondering how these funny looking avatars were acquired.

I have no idea how to change my avatar to anything other than the 5 I see on my change avatar page. Why am I so confused?

Anyone have issues with the avatars working from the Gravatar site? When I choose the Gravatar option on my Woot profile it shows the image it should be pulling, but when I say “Use it” it just shows some generic design.

Does it just take a while for the 2 sites to communicate properly with each other?

It can take a little bit for the caching to catch up, yes.

caching catch up for cash!

it’s the drugs, man.