Avengers Iron Man Magtitan Neo Legend Power Band

Will this help me with the fappening?

gets my vote for quality post.

Nah it’s not a replica. It’s a product that they thought would look cool as a movie prop.

The Trion:Z Neo Legend. It’s a pseudo-scientific magnet therapy device. This isn’t even the most expensive one this company sells!

I think it’s in the sports section because of the hype of magnetic sports bracelets that athletes have been wearing the last couple of years. It’s basically snake-oil, like penis-enlargement pills or herbal remedies for cancer. Minor athletes and celebrities are paid to wear them, and the companies say the magnets are magic for joints, muscles, and energy. It’s as much B.S. as it sounds.

Whether it’s just an Iron-man movie prop replica or a carpet bagger’s “miracle-in-a-box” (gather 'round, one and all), it really doesn’t belong in the sports section.

Amazing. It’s 4:30AM, Central, and this product already has nearly 2 dozen comments on what an incredibly poor choice it was for the Sport!Woot section!!

Seriously, if this is what you guys are going to offer, why bother? Just put up a notice, saying “Amazon didn’t give us anything for Sport!Woot today, check back tomorrow!” SMH

You must be a performing artist? You have the Drama Queen role down pat!

Encore! Encore!

Yeah, this is strike one against Woot for selling snake oil. Three strikes and I stop following the site. Duping people out of their money is NOT acceptable.

Wait! You mean my penis isn’t going to get larger?!? My wife is in for a big (er, small) let down.

Is it just me, or is woot turning into the garage sale of the internet?

Can you say “Chick Magnet”!

“Chick Magnet” and wish I had said it before you did :wink:

spaz.woot.com or
stupid.woot.com or
getbeatupandhaveyourlunchmoneytaken.woot.com or…

You have to be joking. They aren’t selling this as a power bracelet or anything. They’re selling it as the exact same bracelet worn on screen. It’s a movie collectible, nothing more.

If you are over 12 and wear one of these I really feel sorry for ya.
Those magnets aren’t Chick Magnets. I’m sure this thing would repel them.

Wanna guess how long it will take for some idiot to wonder why the magnetic stripes on. All his credit cards stopped working?

This needs at least 4 more words in the title to be worth $80.

Really, W00t!? And on sport.woot no less?

Wait wait, Iron Man, or Power Man?

I feel sorry for the geek who doesn’t realize they shouldn’t wear it while working on harddrives and messes one up…

“Will this help me with the fappening?”

Looking for the upvote button.

Will it work with the Mac I plan on using to upload my virus to the Kree army when they arrive?