Average time to hear back regarding a submission?

Hi! I was wondering if there’s an average amount of time it takes to hear back about a shirt submission to the woot art team? I just want to manage my expectations (and nerves) accordingly. =D

Bonus question: I didn’t see any mention of submitting an actual print file on the submission page. Is it safe to assume that you don’t submit a print file unless asked to by the art team?


For me, I usually get a response between three and seven days, though I don’t know if that is typical. It could just be that I’ve been getting lucky and submitting my designs right before someone checks through them. I haven’t sold a design (YET) so I can’t tell you the specifics of when you’re supposed to send in your art file. Good luck with your entry!

The time is highly variable, but 2-4 weeks is not unusual from my experience. Seems like it kind of depends on when they get a chance to sit down and go through a bunch of them. Also, the final art file is submitted after the design is accepted.

Thanks for the responses! I’ll now rest a little easier. Unless 4 weeks go by; Then it’s panic mode and all bets are off. =D

Birthday and a subsequent vacation to recover has put the shirt team behind. They’re working to catch up now.

Ooo, fun! =D Thank you for the update!