Averatec 18.4" All-in-One Desktop with Intel Atom Processor

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Averatec 18.4" All-in-One Desktop with Intel Atom Processor [Refurbished] - $299.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Averatec D1130EA1E-1R 18.4” LCD Intel Atom 1.6Ghz, 1GB DDR2, 160GB, DVD±RW, WebCam, Windows XP Home

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Found the product website.



How does this compare with similar All-In-Ones put out by the bigger names like HP, or even MSI?

Looks like a space projectile mounted onto a Netbook!

here’s the (actual, linked) product website

and the user manual

This is what you call an over-glorified netbook with a larger screen!

So that’s what happens when a LCD fuses with a netbook…

The one on their site has Windows 7 but costs more…

That’s got the same processor as my Dell mini 10v

Should be about the same. Most of the hardware between the manufactures is the same just different packages. However this does have a higher resolution than many of the netbooks so I would assume graphics might be a little more sluggish on this. Other than that it should be like most netbooks with that chipset.

If you bought this, enjoy your overpriced clunky netbook, sucka.

how does this compare to a imac?

mediocre review from CNet

Where’s my blasted comment? The computer is an interesting concept but you’d really be better off with an iMac G4, I’m thinking the PowerPC G4 is faster than the Atom, you get a 7200rpm hard drive, and the iMac is much nicer to look at. This is basically a netbook with a giant screen stuck to it.

Something must be wrong with one of those.
WXGA is 1280x800 and 1680x945 is really abnormal

yes, if you were buying a mac 5 and a half years ago that would be true.

but yeah, it does amount to a netbook with a giant screen attached.

It’s not abnormal. It’s a 16:9 ratio, which more and more monitors are using these days rather than 16:10. You’re probably used to 1680x1050, which is 16:10.

1680x945 on an 18.4" screen Atom netbook? Unless it has nVidia’s new Ion graphics (it doesn’t), it’ll be pretty sluggish. I’m not surprised about the lack of HDMI port either. Still, if you won’t be doing anything beyond light web browsing or word processing, $300 might not be too bad of a deal for this “kiosk” computer.

This is essentially the equivalent of a standard netbook, only bigger with a much bigger screen but lacking the mobility. This would probably be ideal on an end table. It would make a great tool for web browsing, e-mail, and other “light” computing. It looks nice and takes up a lot less space than a desktop. It will not be acceptable for high end computing, HD video, games, or that sort of thing, but for more casual stuff, this seems like a pretty good price for something that comes with that big of an LCD screen.