Averatec 18.4" All-in-One Desktop with Intel Atom Processor

I think this would be more suited for business applications like conventions etc where you want to have a display going, just set it up, unplug the keyboard and put it away so no one can mess with it.

It does just look like a fat laptop with a monitor attached to it though.

I was going to get one of these but the Acer Aspire One netbook had better reviews so i got that.

I put OS X on my Nokia 810. I think most anything with enough RAM will run OS X

An Amazon review


Isn’t that against Apple’s Terms of Use or something? I thought that Apple Software could only be run on Apple Hardware?

I didn’t even know these existed… Looks like customer service is getting some new computers soon! haha

Not well when compared with the current iMacs. The processor is about the same in speed and responsiveness as an older G4 or G5 Mac. It’s not intended for power use, but web browsing, Office, and other light tasks. This thing costs a quarter of the 21’’ iMac’s sticker price, so you really do get what you pay for.

You are only allowed to run OS X on Apple hardware, yes. It runs well on a Dell Mini 9 though…

O.M.G. the picture of the box sells the computer. The rest is just eye candy.

Funny, i have 2 Averatec’s one is 5 years old 1.6 with 2gb it runs every day and downloads major movie files all the time, i have never had a problem… not one. It always runs great for me. maybe you just have bad luck, or worse yet you believe what you read.

Curious about portability. How compact is it exactly?

These are at my local Best Buy. They are not small but they’re intended for desktop use, like in a kitchen.

The display model is very wiggly-jiggly and would not hold its position. I didn’t see where it could be tightened back up. I like it though.

That is because one has a Dual Thread CPU, and the other is a dual core. I got the 1600, is a dedicated media server, with 4 external HDDs hooked up.

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