Avery Adjustable Bar Stools - Set of 3



Geesh, only $10 less than Wal-Mart. Hardly worth the wait.


Sheesh Woot, I hate you


How is the back attached? Can I rip it off without too much damage?


Anyone know what the comfort level is on these things? I haven’t had much luck with metal backs on my barstools–they always seem to dig in at the worst spots.


well, we’re awfully fond of you.



Walmart reviews say the seats are a bit firm. There were a few reviews that say they’re not very comfortable for tall (5’11" +) or heavy folks. Overall, they seem like good value and it has mostly good reviews.


Technically, $5 less than Walmart, because they have free site to store shipping.

I will take WM site to store any day for larger stuff given the choice. The beauty is that if the box gets broken before it gets to you or you just don’t like it when you get it, it takes about 30 seconds to return it and have all your money back in your account. The point is there is zero risk.

And Woot, if you are listening, most of what I (and most others i’d assume) buy from you is an impulse buy due to the low price. It takes more than 5 bucks less than Walmart to get me to bite. Just sayin.


We owned these, they all broke and fell apart with light use after a year or so. Good for a short term buy but won’t last. The points where the screws are for the leg extensions were ok, they broke at the seat base where it attaches to the legs, the leg solder points broke, screws kept backing out. Good from far but far from good.


My husband and I bought a set last time they were on sale and we love them! Light use mostly, but no problems here, and we’ve had them over 6 months. We’re considering another set so we have extra to pull out when company arrives, and they look nicer than folding chairs.


An odd numbered set …that’s odd, isn’t it?


Not if you get two sets. :slight_smile:


Yeah, have to agree that this is not a good deal at all. To save only $5 after shipping is not worth the hassles if a return is necessary. Makes it a definite NO now that Woot charges sales tax in Pennsylvania just because Amazon has a small warehouse somewhere in Southeast PA…

Would have expected one of those cool woot price drops by now since these can be bought at a brick-n-morter store for only $4.70 more…


Typical Walmart quality. I never buy something I want to last from Walmart.


i don’t even know!


5 would be odd too



in for 3 or does that mean 1?