Aves Iratae

Gave up the game ages ago so I won’t buy, but… This shirt is awesome. Well done!

Angry Birds on Weight Watchers? They look good!

I can honestly say I’ve never played this game or even thought of it. But (unfortunately?) it’s permeated so into our pop culture I still knew exactly what this was referring to. sigh

Ah, Latin puns…and very angry birds, but probably not about the Latin.

No black bird? That’s racist!

(Why play Angry Birds, on an electronic gadget, when you can play the race card anywhere?)

Did anyone else first jump to “Pokemon’s legendary birds” before “Angry Birds”? I like the way my brain did it better.

Glad I’m not the only one!

Its a real pretty shirt, but the angry part… I don’t know. I might. Its for my Mom.

Am I the only person who thought of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” first? That film still scares me whenever I see an unusually large flock of bird settle down in a field or vacant lot together.

Animals transfer biological gender to grammatical gender in Latin. Why are these birds all described in the feminine when they are clearly male examples of those species?

Additionally the birds are angry because their eggs were stolen… which means they should be female anyway!

Didn’t even get the reference–yeah, I lost my geek cred years ago–but I got this one because it’s pretty. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a must-have shirt on AA, but this is the first one that I bought!

If you want an all platform game…go play Robot Finds Kitten.

I wasn’t sure what this was until I noticed their angry eyebrows.

Great design. In for AA.

Sorry, but they’re all colored.

This one needs to be on poster.woot!

Saw the yellow one and thought, “Pikachu colors?” Took a little while to catch the eyebrows.

Ah… nails and screws. That which separates us from pigs.