Avian Fallacy


Very cool piece for Alex Solis! Well done on this choice!

I wish I was sophisticated enough understand it. Oh well, I guess I’ll buy anyway.

This is gorgeous and hurts my eyes and still remains gorgeous.

Well, I officially just got rather dizzy.

I bet that’s M.C. Escher’s pet.

I don’t get it… Is each end of the whatchamacallit a super fancy time portal or something?

This shirt hurts my eyes to look at but if I were wearing it I wouldn’t have to look at it everyone else would. Though I think if I accidentally caught my reflection in a mirror my head might explode.

Gorgeous. But one more case of woot needing new colors. This was killer on the seafoam-or-mint it was originally made for, but the royal blue is less effective.

Even so, I hope against hope this does as well as it clearly deserves.

Also, to preempt any of the inevtable “I don’t get it” remarks: This is a beautifully illustrated shirt depicting two bluebirds on an optical illusion. Said illusion also has flowers. That is all there is to get.

Reminds me of those crazy circus trees.

Double helices all the way… What does it mean!?

Those are awesomeness.

edit- I was kind of hoping for “otterificness” there. :confused:

Kind of like the Avian Olympics…as if they’re not flighty enough, already.

That even made ME groan.

Neat shirt, though.

Ah, I remember buying his Mr. Lincoln design a little bit back. I went to his site through the artist info box, and remember seeing this design. Nostalgia.

Now you’re thinking with portals.

not to be all immature and what not… but I totally thought I saw a bird butt from far away…teehee my bad

At first glance I thought the bird on the left was checking out the bird on the right’s ass…but then I realized it was one bird and my mind was blown.

Someone get me a drink. I’m going to bed, but this image will haunt my dreams.

Waiting to hear GLaDOS to say: “Do not look directly at the operational end
of the device.”