Avocado Love

that’s got to be the coolest shirt I have seen in a long time.

Very cute and I love having color choices.

Yeah, this is not the brightest design ever. Does anyone else get the phallic symbolism and concealed pornographic imagery/reference here? Or is it just me?

I only see a large mouth, sorry.

In for two green ones. The wife and I are going to sicken everyone around us for a long time.

By the way- I don’t know when AA came back, but I am very excited about it.

I’m sorry; this shirt is just creepy.

It’s just an avocado split in half. If you want to see more than that, that’s on you.

Why the heck does the male half have the seed?

The whole thing seems gross and sexist.

Why does it have to be the female half with the bow?

Good point. Assuming the female half does have the bow, is it less sexist if she has the seed?

why would anyone think its sexist or pornographic. I don’t see it.

Why do either of them have to have a bow? This would be perfect if one of them hadn’t been “girlified” - aren’t we tired of heteronormativity and female stereotypes yet?

Would totally have got this otherwise, as a fan of the ridiculously adorable Avocados at Law.

I dont really think it matters. The artist can choose to portray the characters however he or she likes. Nothing wrong with making one a boy with a seed and the other a girl with a bow or maybe it’s a girl with a seed and a boy with a bow. Either way, avocados are adorable and delicious.

For my job I spend all day every day looking at the garbage people do and say with their phones. Tonight you have returned a glimmer of hope in humanity in my eyes. Thank you.

It matters to those of us who are routinely excluded from society because we don’t happen to be straight, cis, etc. It would be nice to be able to buy cute shirts that reflect our genders and relationships, instead of constantly being made to feel marginalized and excluded by the deluge of merchandise and culture that tells us we don’t ‘fit’.

Nothing changes if we don’t speak out. The status quo is heteronormativity - the whole neat boy/girl package - and of course those of you who fit those boxes don’t see a problem with it. But there are a hell of a lot of people who don’t fit those boxes, and we’d like to be treated as though we’re worthwhile members of society, too.

The first step is getting ourselves represented - in movies, on tv, in books, and yeah, even on t-shirts.

This t-shirt would have been just as cool, and a hell of a lot more representative, without the bow and fluttery eyelashes - let people mentally assign the genders they want to their little anthro avocados! It probably didn’t even occur to the artist that there might be people who wanted to buy the t-shirt who didn’t want a stereotypical boy/girl relationship depicted on it, which is where I come in. By speaking out, maybe next time this artist or another artist who reads this will take it into account, do something slightly differently, and make some non-cis or non-straight kid looking for a t-shirt feel buzzed that they can finally buy something for themselves or their partner that fits.

Inclusivity doesn’t hurt straight people, guys. It just gives the rest of us a major happy!

Wow, this shirt is a direct ripoff of an image of two felted plush avocados my GF linked on my FB page earlier this week. Can I just rip off other people’s’ images and design shirts for you? http://www.demilked.com/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/cute-felt-wool-sculpture-avocado-love-anna-dovgan-3.jpg

Just looking at the graphic, the only way the parts fit together properly is… oh, never mind…

I hate it when a cute cartoony T-shirt is used as an instrument of oppression.

I don’t think it’s pornographic or offensive but the every so slight sexual reference is just enough for me to not buy one for the wife an myself. Shame, I think it’s neat design.