Aw, And I Didn’t Get You Anything Woot Info Post - it goes down smooth

Aw, And I Didn’t Get You Anything [Golden] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping shipping

1 * Grass Woot Tee

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I applaud you theinfinityloop for taking this on and executing it splendidly!

Very, very nice. It looks like a lot of time went into this.


I’m sort of curious about the time-space bending properties of that box which allowed everyone to fit inside at once. That, or some leaping lords just got very cozy with some milking maids.

awesome man… too christmassy fr me but still awesome

It’s a good thing woot cleared up that whole holiday ending date on tonight’s shirt. We don’t want a repeat of yesterday’s debate, oh no.

It’s amazing what you did with so few colors to work with. Not to mention how intricate the design is. Splendid work, and a well deserved print.

How festive! It looks like a scarf…and it’s a Christmas shirt! Well done Loop!

I count twenty-three.

The Lords have excellent moustaches.

I keep wanting to see a duck or some bird in the overall layout. Still cool though.

Let this be a lesson to all wooters… if you put in exorbitant effort to make a wonderfully executed piece that clearly took forever to perfect, you too can come in second to some flash-in-the-pan swirly nonsense.

Congrats, loopy. This should be destined to be the be all and end all of tasteful christmas garb.

It’s not a box it’s simply a gateway to a wonderful world full of festive Christmas cheer.

Obviously, it used to belong to Mary Poppins.

Looks like the pipers are piping into the ears of the lords, causing them to a-leap into the ladies dancing. A Christmas domino chain!

It’s pretty, but i hate seasonable shirts and pretty ones, so i pass. Neat idea and executed splendidly

Nah, it’s a variation on Roland’s grow-bag.

wonder what all these gifts would actually cost in todays day and age?