Away Mission Superstitions

Thanks so much for voting! This is definitely going to be my new lucky shirt!

It’s a trap!

Congratulations on your second first place derby win!

And I always wash it with my wife’s favorite white things.

Woohoo krittikae! Congrats.

If anyone still hasn’t read John Scalzi’s “Redshirts”, you need to!

What if the redshirts realized something was going on, and tried to solve the problem?

It’s both a dead-on Trek spoof, and a great tale in its own right.

I love red shirts! Congrats!

That’s not the “lucky” I was going for.

Thank you yazmoq, acraigl, and LarryLars!

For anyone interested in my other shirts in this series:

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Just bought 6 so the whole family can wear them together!

Nice, thank you!
I would have gone with an Away Mission assortment, but that’s just me, lol.

I really like it, congrats :slight_smile:

Did you know, that statistically, red shirts are NOT the most likely to die on away missions?

I know! Kind of like finding out that that lyric in the Jimi Hendrix song wasn’t about ‘kissing a guy!’ :slight_smile:

Please explain: Premium brand shirt has lighter weight 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton (4.2oz) than the Standard brand (4.5oz). Typo?

I don’t think that it’s whether you’re a Red Shirt attached to Enterprise, it’s whether you’re a Red Shirt attached to Enterprise and on an away mission. (I have neither the data nor the initiative to properly analyze this…)

Not a typo. The standard are manufactured by Anvil; the premium are Bella-Canvas. Beyond the fabric weight, however, is how their cut, their feel, and how they hold up. If you look at the sizing chart, you’ll see some differences. Non numerical differences include the sleeves (much shorter on Anvil) and shrinkage (significantly more on the Anvil).

My .sig links to the discussion page on the blanks.

This is my favorite redshirt analysis:

An important, often overlooked, factor is Kirk’s “diplomatic” relations with alien species. If you want to live, get the captain a date!

>>here’s a real list of random ways these redshirts have died:

-killed by thorns of poisonous plant

-struck by lightning

-killed by explosive rock

-hit with a stick

-turned into a mineral cube

did they ever think to unionize?<<

Really? You couldn’t have included:

-touched by a woman

(From “That Which Survives” with Lee Merriweather, Miss America 1955, as “Losira”)

An opportunity missed. *SMH

Ugh! I would have done that if the original link worked. I’m really not that tech savvy and couldn’t figure out what you were linking to. They were just delivered (thank you notification email!) and I can’t wait to wear mine!